Branding Guidelines

Branding Guidelines

PDFA Logo and Branding

The PDFA logo underwent many different designs and revisions before the branding was finalized. There are several different versions of the logo for different mediums, which include:

  • Horizontal
  • Stacked
  • With tagline
  • Without tagline
  • Emblem only
  • PDFA only

The examples here show a few versions of logo used properly on different backgrounds. All versions of the logo are property of PDFA, and cannot be used without consent from PDFA. Other discflect organizations, clubs, tournaments, leagues, and events must refrain from using any version of the PDFA logo, as this will be used for PDFA hosted events and majors only.

PDFA logos

Incorrect Usage

In order to maintain a consistent look across all media and print, all PDFA-event partners using the PDFA logo with permission must adhere to the branding standards. 


All versions of the original logo files must not be modified in any way. This includes:


  • No replacement fonts used in PDFA logo
  • No stretching, distorting, or manipulating the design
  • No reversing the fill or removing outline
  • No borders, shadows, or beveling
  • No changing of colors

Shown are a few examples of incorrect logo usage.

Retired Logos

PDFA was originally established in 2009 under the prior name. The organization was renamed PDFA in May of 2021. Older designs were featured in tournament logos, videos, and the prior website. These logos are now retired.


Retired logo emblems shown here are still property of PDFA and should not be used by any discflect organizations, clubs, tournaments, leagues, and events. Retired logos are only seen in legacy content prior to May of 2021.

PDFA retired logos


For any questions regarding usage of the PDFA logo, please email: [email protected]