Discflect FAQ

Deflecting a bucket

What exactly is PDFA?

PDFA stands for the Professional Discflect Association and is the governing body for the sport of discflect in the United States. This means that PDFA will oversee (not necessarily host – more on that below) competitive tournaments, as well as maintain and make decisions on things like rules, tournament formats, standards of play, tools, scoring procedures, and so on for tournaments.

Where can I find more information?

Please pardon our dust. We ask that you bear with us and be patient with us. While we have been working on this for several months, we still have a lot to do to build the governing body from the ground up. We will continue to create, test, fine-tune, and roll out all of our tools and new features on this website in the coming months, even years. We have a lot of dreams that are well on their way to fruition, but still need time to make sure we are rolling out the best product possible.

Can I still call it Kan Jam®?

When playing the game, casually or competitively, it should be referred to as discflect, as that is the name of the sport. Just as if you would say you’re going to play baseball or hockey or basketball. You wouldn’t say you are playing the brand name of the equipment, but rather the sport name.

Does Kan Jam® still exist?

Absolutely. Kan Jam® is still a fully operational company that sells the games and equipment required to play discflect. Kan Jam® will focus on the casual backyard game and sales, while PDFA will focus on the competitive sport and tournaments.

What happens to the previous organization for the sport?

PDFA, through its predecessor, has been hosting tournaments and leagues for over 15 years. PDFA is now the name of the organization that manages the sport of discflect. As mentioned above, however, PDFA is shifting gears a bit and moving away from physically hosting tournaments to focus on the bigger picture to grow the sport of discflect.

Does this mean there won't be anymore tournaments?

There will still be tournaments! In fact, our main focus will be on tournaments instead of leagues, as this will be easier on Tournament Directors. Speaking of which, that’s where you come in. PDFA will act as general oversight for tournaments, but the boots on the ground hosts will be Tournament Directors or local clubs. In order to grow the sport properly, we need many helping hands. Gone are the days of a single entity planning and hosting a few major tournaments a year. We want to establish more local and regional tournaments around the country and spread the love to establish a larger base of players, and we will count on Tournament Directors and local clubs to host these tournaments.

Will there be a World Championship in 2021?

There will be an open invite tournament to all players in 2021, but it will not be a World Championship. This is not only due to international travel obstacles, but also because we are not ready to host a true World Championship again just yet. Since we are also introducing major changes by implementing divisions and stats, we will need to test out certain items and tools in 2021. Buffalo Discflect, one of our first local clubs, will be hosting an open tournament later this summer, so stay tuned for more details!

Who can be a Tournament Director?

Anyone! As we’ve mentioned, the goal is to have many local and regional tournaments around the country. This is accomplished by forming local clubs and hosting your own tournaments. Please note – we will only be accepting a few Tournament Directors for 2021 for testing out the new formats. We are excited to bring you all of these new changes, but consider this year our ‘Beta’ year as we test everything out. 

What about the Klassic?

The Klassic was an indoor tournament that took place every year for the last 16 years. The plan is for this tournament to eventually turn into a rotating event, where each year it could be in a different host city. Once a bid process has been established, we will rely on new Tournament Directors to bid on and host this event. While this tournament was traditionally indoors, that could change as well depending on the host.

Did you say stats?

Yes! Every sport needs stats, and because discflect is so unique, there are plenty of options to track. One of the many exciting changes PDFA will eventually introduce is the ability to track stats across a season of tournament play. This will be accomplished through the use of scorecards and other tools to be used by both Tournament Directors and players. As mentioned above, we consider 2021 to be our ‘Beta’ year so these tools are a work in progress. This will take time to build because of the complexity of the scoring, so please bear with us.

Will there be changes to the rules?

Most of the rules will stay the same, but there will be a few big changes. Full game play and tournament rules will be updated and posted later this summer.

Can I use a different disc to play?

This is one of the exciting new rules changes we’ll be introducing with discflect. Teams will now be able to bring their own flying discs to play in tournaments, provided the discs meet the size and weight requirements approved by PDFA. Similar to using a ‘spare ball’ in bowling or a putter when you’re on the green – teams can now customize their playing experience. Conditions too windy? Teams can use a heavier disc. Prefer to use an ultimate disc? Go for it. Don’t have your own discs? Tournament Directors can still supply ‘house discs’ for teams that do not have their own.

Can I form my own discflect club?

Yes! We are looking for passionate individuals who want to help grow discflect to create clubs in cities around the country. These clubs can host pick up games to grow their own local community. Clubs with an established base of players can then start planning to host future tournaments.

Can a tournament, league, club, or event have Kan Jam® in the name?

Unfortunately, no. All events, clubs, and groups must use the sport name of discflect. Kan Jam® is a registered trademark of Wild Sales, LLC and cannot be used in any titles or names. Click here to read more.

How can I help?

Get involved! We can’t grow discflect without players and that’s where you come in. Help form a club in your area, be an ambassador for the sport by following our social media pages and share, share, share! Use #discflect and #thePDFA. We encourage you to be active and comment as well. Have a question? Please post it on our channels. We’re always here to help!

Will prior championship titles still be recognized?

Yes. While we consider this a new era for competitive tournaments, that does not mean past accomplishments will be forgotten. Since we have a lot of other content to create, it will take time before those items are added to the website. 

Kan Jam® is a registered trademark of Wild Sales, LLC. Used under license. All rights reserved.