PPR Leagues

PPR Discflect Leagues

A PPR discflect league is a very simple and flexible league format, and is the best way to grow a community of players. In this type of league, players are competing primarily for PPR rating. PPR stands for Points Per Round. In a game of discflect, the highest points that can be scored in a single round of play is 6 (two 3-Pointers), so the rating is on a scale from 0.00 to 6.00.

PPR Leagues will make use of the League & Tournament Groups section, which will allow each league to have their own group page, schedule, and stats. New League Directors can sign-up starting summer of 2023. Click here to contact us and we’ll let you know once it is ready.

Pottstown, PA is the first-ever PPR Discflect League, and they are currently playing weekly prior to launch. Check out their updated stats by clicking on their league page above.

A PPR league can be hosted anywhere with space, such as a park, and there are no set number of teams, players, games, or bracket required. This allows for much flexibility, as players can sign up and show up to league meets as individuals. 


League Directors will have the freedom to allow as few or as many games as they want per league meet. Each player does not have to play the same number of games as another, and players are allowed to play games with different partners. 

PPR Leagues - Scorecards

Scorecards will be completed for each game (must consist of four different players) and handed in when completed. This will allow for stat collection and help with keeping score in games.

PPR Leagues - League Builder

League Directors (LDs) will be given access to a ‘League Builder’ tool to manage the league data, finances, and stats. There is no need to enter results at league meets, allowing LDs to compete too and enter scorecards later.

PPR Leagues - Stats & Schedule

Once games are entered in the League Builder tool, full stats and PPR ratings are automatically reflected on the league group page at pdfa.com. When a LD updates the schedule, this is updated online as well.