2023 Tournament Series – Final Results

2023 PDFA Discflect Tournament Series - Top 5

The 2023 PDFA Discflect Tournament Series featured six tournaments, with players receiving points based on final placement. In the end, it was Charles Rizzo who took home the crown of 2023 Season Champion. Rizzo competed in four tournaments, three local and one major, winning all four of them. He also won the four tournaments as a part of two teams; winning two with Ajay Cybulski (Young Guns) and another two with Josh Greenauer (Eight).

For final season standings and stats or individual tournament results, click on the links below. Season Standings includes the ability to search by player or sort by different categories.

PPR (Points Per Round) was a featured stat, with each team getting this rating based on how many points they scored in Regulation vs how many throws they had. Looking at the six tournaments, here were the top 7 PPR finishes at an individual tournament:

RkTeamPlayer 1Player 2PPRTournamentDate
1Young GunsCharles RizzoAjay Cybulski5.00World Championships8/5/23
2Stallion SurvivorsEric KlavoonJon Sandino4.70Discflect Challenge9/9/23
3Stallion SurvivorsEric KlavoonJon Sandino4.67Discflect Summer Open6/24/23
4EightCharles RizzoJosh Greenauer4.64Discflect Challenge9/9/23
5EightCharles RizzoJosh Greenauer4.54Discflect Summer Open6/24/23
6Backhand BanditsKevin CollinsDavid Fajerman4.52Woodbridge Discflect Open8/27/23
7Backhand BanditsKevin CollinsDavid Fajerman4.40Discflect Summer Showdown7/15/23

Best clutch throw of the season

The top play from the season took place in the Pro Finals at the Woodbridge Discflect Open on August 27th. Down two games to none in the best of 5 series, Jim Daugherty & Tim Klavoon needed a Win Shot, trailing in Game 3 by a score of 21-13. On the final throw, Daugherty threw a Win Shot into the slot to steal the victory and extend the series (see video above).

More Win Shots

In the 2023 Amateur Discflect World Championship Finals, Steve Phillips & Ian Domes held a 3-2 series lead, one win shy of claiming the title. While not on the final throw, Ian Domes threw a Win Shot to close the final game, forcing Jen & Sara Mills into a Redemption attempt. Domes & Phillips won the game two throws later to secure the Amateur World title.

Leading the season was Joe Dunn, who threw three Win Shots at the Woodbridge Discflect Open. 

Season Leaders

Here are all the season leaders by category in the Pro Division:

2023 PDFA Discflect Tournament Series - Final Season Leaders - Pro Division
2023 PDFA Discflect Tournament Series - Final Season Leaders - Pro Division
2023 PDFA Discflect Tournament Series - Final Season Leaders - Pro Division