November update

2021 Discflect - Adam

In 2021, we rolled out the full rules for the sport of discflect. In addition, there were two tournaments held which tested out various changes in our sport; Buffalo, NY and Perth Amboy, NJ. Both tournaments tested out the new divisions and implemented the bring your own disc rule with great success. In addition, the Buffalo tournament tested out the first ever scoring and full stats. These tournaments provided PDFA with great insight and feedback in order to roll out the necessary tools to grow our base of Tournament Directors around the country.

What are we up to?

Our Board of Directors have been busy and will continue to work on several items to help roll out the tools needed for 2022. 

At the top of the list is the branding and logo for PDFA. This project has gone through several changes and we want to ensure it is 100% perfect before we roll it out. We are excited to share once it is finalized.

This fall, we filmed a new “how to play discflect” video series. This will go in depth and visually show all the rules, not just the basic ones, so players can learn how to play the sport. Once our branding is complete, videos will be edited and ready to roll out in 2022.

A big focus for PDFA is creating the necessary documents and tools for Tournament Directors to run tournaments. There are several members of our team working on different projects right now to have ready for next year. These tools will make it easier for Tournament Directors so that anyone can run a discflect tournament.