2023 Discflect Challenge Results


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Professional Division


PRO: Top teams


Pro - 1st Place

Josh Greenauer & Charles Rizzo


Pro - 2nd Place

Eric Klavoon & Jon Sandino


Pro - 3rd Place

Matt Zakraysek & Connor Brogan

The 6th and final tournament of the 2023 Discflect Tournament Series took place at a familiar location, West Canal County Park in North Tonawanda, NY. This was the site of the first four official Discflect World Championship tournaments from 1999-2002. The weather was comfortable, and while the wind wasn’t crazy, it definitely played a factor.

The Pro Division featured a couple of returning teams from years past. Each team played 10 Pool Play Games. The top two teams finished with the same record of 9-1. Having split their head-to-head games, their PPR rating (Points Per Round) against each other broke the tie, with Stallion Survivors (Eric Klavoon & Jon Sandino) landing the #1 seed. Josh Greenauer & Charles Rizzo (Eight), a team that already won the June tournament earlier in the season, took the #2 seed. They also led the pack with two perfect games, including one against E. Klavoon/Sandino that went to triple overtime. In another tie that also resulted in a split series, returning teams J Town Greasers (Matt Zakraysek & Connor Brogan) edged out Slackers (Jim Daugherty & Kim Klavoon) for 3rd place.


There were two Win Shots (both slots) in Pool Play, one by E. Klavoon and another by Chad Cowell. As a side note, there was another shot that just missed; in a game where Zakraysek/Brogan already got 21, Daugherty/K. Klavoon needed a Win Shot. K. Klavoon threw it into the slot, but the disc popped out the top of the goal.


With the top two teams getting a bye for the first round of the Bracket, the remaining teams played a best of 3 series in Round 1. Both series were 2-0 sweeps. Zakraysek/Brogan (#3) defeated Matt Lafferty & Trevor Trethewey (Laffewey, #6), which included one overtime game, and Chad Cowell & Evan Sardo (Sweaty Discs, #5) took down Daugherty/K. Klavoon (#4).


In the best of 5 Semi-Finals, E. Klavoon/Sandino (#1) continued their hot play sweeping Cowell/Sardo (#5) in three games, with two of the three decided in overtime. In the other matchup, Greenauer/Rizzo (#2) defeated Zakraysek/Brogan (#3) three games to one. In the 3rd Place tiebreaker game, Zakraysek/Brogan (#3) beat Cowell/Sardo (#5) by a score of 21-16 to finish 3rd Place overall.


With two teams left, this set the stage for the best of 7 Finals between the two top seeds, E. Klavoon/Sandino (#1) and Greenauer/Rizzo (#2). Greenauer/Rizzo started off strong, winning Game 1 with a perfect game to take a 1-0 lead. E. Klavoon/Sandino rebounded to tie the series with an overtime win in Game 2. Greenauer/Rizzo won the next two games, including another overtime win to take a 3-1 series lead. E. Klavoon/Sandino threw a perfect game of their own in Game 5 to bring the series to 3-2. In Game 6, the game went to overtime where Greenauer/Rizzo won to clinch the series 4-2.


In doing so, Greenauer/Rizzo won their second tournament of the 2023 season. For Rizzo, it is his 4th win of the season, having won two each with Josh Greenauer (Eight) and Ajay Cybulski (Young Guns). Rizzo was crowned the 2023 PDFA Discflect Tournament Series Champion, finishing #1 out of all Pro players.

PRO: Final Overall Standings

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20239/9/2023Discflect ChallengePROOverall1EightJosh GreenauerCharles Rizzo30220164.8004081764.6420.404.403000541.8007
20239/9/2023Discflect ChallengePROOverall2Stallion SurvivorsEric KlavoonJon Sandino25119145.7373781614.7019.894.242110743.5719
20239/9/2023Discflect ChallengePROOverall3J Town GreasersMatt ZakraysekConnor Brogan2031789.4713121783.5118.355.240000532.6006
20239/9/2023Discflect ChallengePROOverall4Sweaty DiscsChad CowellEvan Sardo15516511.3132971533.8818.564.780110514.2005
20239/9/2023Discflect ChallengePROOverall5SlackersJim DaughertyKim Klavoon1041248.3331791212.9614.925.0400002201.0002
20239/9/2023Discflect ChallengePROOverall6LaffeweyMatthew LaffertyTrevor Trethewey5612111.0831851312.8215.425.460000404.0005

PRO: Bracket Seeds / Final Pool Results


Amateur Division


AM: Top teams


Am - 1st Place

Sara Mills & Jen Mills


Am - 2nd Place

Jeffrey Wardhaugh & Joseph Wardhaugh


Am - 3rd Place

Adam Cole & Aaron Cole

In the Amateur division, Pool Play consisted of three games against each team. 

Leading the pack was Flip n Jammers, consisting of Sara Mills & Jen Mills, a team that finished second place overall at the 2023 Amateur Discflect World Championship. They ended Pool Play with a record of 7-2 to secure the #1 seed. Making their return for the first time since the 2019 Discflect World Championship, Scooty and Fudge (Adam Cole & Aaron Cole) tied in record with newcomers, Big Mac and Small Fry (Jeffrey Wardhaugh & Joseph Wardhaugh). Adam Cole/Aaron Cole won their head-to-head matchup by winning two of the three games against Je. Wardhaugh/Jo. Wardhaugh to claim the #2 seed.


Moving into Bracket Play, Round 1 consisted of a best of 3 series. In the first matchup, S. Mills/J. Mills (#1) defeated another returning team from years past, Tim Klavoon & Karen Klavoon (#4, Senior Disc Count), two games to none. Meanhile, Je. Wardhaugh/Jo. Wardhaugh (#3) defeated Adam Cole/Aaron Cole (#2) to advance to the Amateur Finals.


In the 3rd Place game, Adam Cole/Aaron Cole (#2) defeated T. Klavoon/Ka. Klavoon (#4) to finish the tournament 3rd Place overall.


The Amateur best of 5 Finals ended up being a family matchup, with S. Mills/J. Mills (#1) going up against Je. Wardhaugh/Jo. Wardhaugh (#3). S. Mills/J. Mills won Game 1 to take an early 1-0 series lead. In Game 2, it went the distance to 8 rounds, where Je. Wardhaugh/Jo. Wardhaugh won in a close game by a score of 17-16 to tie the series up at 1-1. S. Mills/J. Mills then won the next game to take a 2-1 lead. With just one more win needed, S. Mills/J. Mills won again in Game 4 by a score of 21-13, clinching the series 3-1. For Sara & Jen Mills, it is their first Discflect tournament victory, ending with a 12-3 record and 2.44 PPR. They are the first ever all-female team to win an official, sanctioned discflect tournament.

AM: Final Overall Standings

20239/9/2023Discflect ChallengeAMOverall1Flip n JammersJen MillsSara Mills20115123.8002732242.4418.207.470000000.0000
20239/9/2023Discflect ChallengeAMOverall2Big Mac and Small FryJeffrey WardhaughJoseph Wardhaugh1531578.4672232311.9314.877.700000000.0000
20239/9/2023Discflect ChallengeAMOverall3Scooty and FudgeAaron ColeAdam Cole1021257.4171681921.7514.008.000000000.0000
20239/9/2023Discflect ChallengeAMOverall4Senior Disc CountTim KlavoonKaren Klavoon541239.2501521881.6212.677.830000000.0000

AM-MOD: Bracket Seeds / Final Pool Results

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